Questions Asked IN RRB NTPC Exam 2016 – 28th March 2016

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Questions Asked IN RRB NTPC Exam 2016 – 28th March 2016

Questions Asked IN RRB NTPC Exam 2016 – 28th March 2016

hello friends In this Article We are providing you the List of important general Awareness Questions Which were asked In RRB NTPC Exam 2016 on 28 March . These Questions Will Help you in analysing The Exam pattern and Areas From Which questions Were asked .

Exam Analysis Will Be Provided In Separate Post . Best of Luck For Next Shift

Questions Asked IN RRB NTPC Exam 2016 - 28th March 2016

Questions Asked IN RRB NTPC Exam 2016 – 28th March 2016

  • When did Indian constitution came into first amendment? 1951
  • What is the name of horse of maharana pratap ? Chetak
  • Karnam Malleswari related to which game? Weightlifting
  • Odd one out (external hard disk, cd, keyboard, digital camera)?  Keyboard
  • First international cricket match was played between?? Aus vs. Eng
  • In which Year Rowlatt Act was Passed By British Government ? 1919
  • Golden temple of Dambulla is present in?? Sri lanka
  • Under Article 356 of the Constitution of India, President’s rule was imposed for the first time in? PEPSU(Patiala and East Punjab States Union (PEPSU) was a state of India between 1948 and 1956.)
  • Which of following chemicals is called as saltpeter? Potassium Nitrate
  • Which boxer is known as ‘Real Deal’? Evander Holyfield
  • Aruna Asif Ali hoisted flag in which movement? Quit India Movement
  • The Khurda Road division,Odisha of the East Coast Railway (ECoR) has set a target to install bio-toilets in 2,000 train coaches during 2016-17 as part of? Swachh Bharat Mission
  •  What is Viticulture? Production of grapes
  • The words ‘Satyameva jayate’ inscribed below the base plate of the emblem of India are taken from ?Mundaka Upanishad
  • By which Constitutional Amendment the voting age was reduced from 21 years to 18 years?61st Amendment.
  • Smallest Continent of world? Australia
  • The Political parties got the constitutional recognition for the first time in the year? 1985
  • Mrinalini Sarabhai is related with?  Dance
  • Konark Temple was built by?King Narasimhadeva I
  • Kuchipudi belongs to which state?  Andhra Pradesh
  • When did Swami Vivekananda delivered his speech in ‘World Religion Conference’ in Chicago city? 1893
  • Name of 1st satellite on Moon? Sputnik 1
  • Who discovered penicillin? Alexander Fleming
  • Which number of Lok Sabha was formed during 2014 election? 16th
  • Panchayati Raj System was recommended by?  Balwant Rai Mehta Committee Report 1957
  • How many moons does mars have?  
  • What is the Capital Of Cyprus?  Nicosia
  • Which one of the following is the Marsh Gas? Methane
  • Which One of the Following River is Called as the Sorrow of Bengal?  Damodar River
  • On Which Day World TB day is Observed? 24 March
  • Who gave the slogan “Do or die”? Mahatma Gandhi
  • What is the Name of Maharana Pratap Horse – Chetak
  • Karnam Mallesawari Associated with Which Game  – Weight Lifting

G.K Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Exam 2nd Shift 

  • What is the Capital of Denmark?-Copenhagen
  • On which Day Yoga day celebrated ?-June 21
  • January 4th Independence day of which country? –Burma
  • 2018 winter session Olympic game venue?-PyeongChang, South Korea
  • 2015 French open winner? Ans.Stan Wawrinka(Men), Serena Williams(Women)
  • Study of birds is called?Ans.Ornithology
  • First governer general of free india?Ans.Lord Mountbatten
  • Buddha attained enlightenment at?Ans.Bodh Gaya
  • Another name of computer chip?Ans.Microchip
  • How many players in kho kho? Ans.9
  • 2 largest country in respect of land area? Ans.Canada
  • U.N climate change meeting held in which place?Ans.Paris
  • Ajanta and ellora cave is located in which state? Ans.Maharashtra
  • Smallest planet?Ans.Mercury
  • Group of dolphin is called?Ans.School or Pod
  • Polio vaccine is developed by?Ans.Jonas Edward SalK
  • Name of dog who first goes to space?Ans.Laika
  • Father of space research?Ans.Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai
  • DMK party is founded by whom?Ans.M. G. Ramachandran
  • First Lok sabha speaker?Ans.Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar
  • Instrument to detect object under water?Ans.Sonar
  • India’s Oldest dam?-Ans.Kallanai Dam, also known as Grand Anicut. It still serves the people of Tamilnadu, India.
  • First indian lady to won gold in asian games? Ans.Kamaljeet Sandhu
  • First indian hockey player to awarded padam shri? Ans.Balbir Singh Dosanjh
  • Rabindnath tagore got noble prize in which year? Ans.1913
  • Ethanol is obtained from? Ans.Cereals
  • No. of fundamental duties? Ans.11
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