Ravi Agrahari Pdf Science & Technology Book UPSC 2020

Ravi Agrahari Pdf | Ravi Agrahari Science And Technology 2020 – This book on Science and Technology is meant for students preparing for the Preliminary and Main papers of the Civil Service Examinations.It covers all aspects of Science and Technology from basic to advanced level making it easier non-science background students. Keeping in line with the trend of the examination, there is great focus on recent developments and the related government schemes.Also there is emphasis on all international issues with respect to various sectors like Energy, Space, Defence, IPR, Particle Physics, Material Technology, Biotechnology and so on.

Ravi Agrahari Pdf Science & Technology Book UPSC 2020


Ravi P Agrahari Science And Technology Book Pdf

Teacher Name – Ravi agrahari

Subject – Science and Technology 

Format – Pdf

Medium – English 

Author Ravi Agrahari
Subject Science And Technology
Format Pdf
Medium English
Pages 872
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Rau IAS UPSC Prelims Test Series 2020 Test 29 PDF With Solution

Part-A Basic Concept and Development of Science and Technology


  • Science and Technology in India Chapter-1 Development of Science and Technology in the Past,Present and the Future Chapter-2 Different Organisations, Institutions and Departments for the Development of Science and Technology


  • Energy Chapter-3 Structure of Energy Development in India: Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Chapter-4 Nuclear, Energy, Nuclear Fuel, Radioactive Element and Radioactivity Chapter-5 Nuclear Diplomacy


  • Space Technology A.6.1–A.8.33 Chapter-6 Various Institutional Setups for Space Research and Concept of Orbits and Launch Stations Chapter-7 Satellites and Launch Vehicle Technologies of India with Space Observatory Chapter-8 Outer Space Affairs and Various National and International Space Missions


  • Communication and Information Technology Chapter-9 Different Regulatory Bodies and Government Programmes on ICT Chapter-10 Technical Aspect of Information and Communication Technology Chapter-11 Internet, Global Internet Governance Network and Their Chapter-12 ICT-based Issues in India Chapter-13 Cyber Security Chapter-14 Fundamentals of Computer


  • Defence Technology Chapter-15 Defence Technology


  • Supercondicutivity, Laser, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Nanotechnology Chapter-16 Superconductivity Chapter-17 Laser Chapter-18 Artificial Intelligence Chapter-19 Robotics Chapter-20 Nanotechnology


  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Related Rights Chapter-21 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Related Rights


  • Universe and Particle Physics Chapter-22 Universe Chapter-23 Particle Physics


  • Biotechnology Chapter-24 Biotechnology


  • Diseases and its Various Immunisation Programmes Chapter-25 Different Types of Diseases, Recent Issues, Health and Family


  • Miscellaneous Topics Chapter-26 Miscellaneous Topics


  • UPSC Mains Answers –New Pattern Science and Technology – (2013-18)


  • Some Important Previous Year’s (Mains) Questions for Practice

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Ravi Agrahari Pdf | Ravi Agrahari Science And Technology 2020

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