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Recommended books Sociology Optional For IAS 2016

Recommended books Sociology Optional For IAS 2016

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Tanu Priya (AIR 18 / CSE 2012) First attempt, Sociology

Books that I followed for Sociology –

  1. Haralambos and heald (that tiny power packed orange book)
  2. social problems by Ram Ahuja (I don’t recommend it)
  3. notes of kshitij tyagi (I did not have h. & holborn, used it to compensate for that)
  4. rest all from ignou material on sociology according to the syllabus
  5. some study material of mumbai university that I found on internet
  6. Extensive internet research for Indian thinkers and their original writings.
  7. for topics that I could not find anywhere and then a further internet search for the same topics
  8. constant newspaper and magazine reading from sociological point of view
  9. an introduction to sociology by some writer from jnu ( the shopkeeper gave it to me –“ le jaiye madam sab padhte hain”)
  10. modernization of indian tradition by Yogendra singh only 1st and last chapter

SOCIOLOGY – other sources 


  1. Sociology – Anthony Giddens
  2. Sociology – Harlombos and Holborn
  3. Sociological Thought – Francis Abraham and John Henry Morgan
  4. Political Theory – O P Gauba


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  1. Social Change in India – M N Srinivas
  2. Modernization of Indian Tradition – Yogendra Singh
  3. Handbook of Indian Sociology – Veena Das
  4. Indian Society and Culture – Nadeem Hasnain
  5. Rural Sociology – Doshi and Jain
  6. Social Background of Indian Nationalism – A R Desai

Source: One, Two

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