Rohingya Issue UPSC Mind Map – Rohingya Issue The road to deportation -Hello Friends Welcome To . Here we are sharing important Issue Which is Related To India And Rohingya Muslims . In this Article We Will Discuss About .

  • Who are Rohingyas ?
  • What is There Problem ?
  • Illegal Migrations On Rohingyas ?
  • Customary International Law Regarding Refugees
  • Contention of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • What is India Stand for Rohingyas Muslims .

Rohingya Issue UPSC Mind Map – Rohingya Issue The road to deportation

Rohingya Issue UPSC Mind Map - Rohingya Issue The road to deportation

Who are Rohingyas? -Rohingya Issue UPSC 

  • They are an Ethnic group, mostly Muslims.
  • They were not granted full citizenship by Myanmar.
  • They were classified as “resident foreigners or associate citizens
  • They speak a dialect of Bengali and not Burmese.
  • Ethnically they are much closer to Indo-Aryan people of India and Bangladesh than to the Sino-Tibetans of the Country.
  • However, according to Myanmar government, they are illegal immigrants migrated to Rakhine following Burmese independence and Bangladesh liberation war.
  • The population of Rohingyas was around 1.1 to 1.3 million before the 2015 crisis.
  • The crisis received international attention followed to Rakhine state riot in 2012, Rohingya crisis in 2015 and 2016-17 military crackdown.
  • At present 40000 Rohingyas have their second home in India.

Migration of Rohingyas In India 

  • Since 2012, 5 lakh Rohingyas have taken shelter in Saudi Arabia.
  • There are around 40,000 Rohingyas in India, of which around 5,700 are in Jammu. (More vulnerable for getting recruited by terrorist organisations”.)
  • Now the seven men being sent back had been held in prison since 2012 for illegal entry.
  • Indian Government has described illegal Rohingya immigrants as posing a national security threat, and ordered state governments last year to identify and deport them.

The legal status of Rohingyas

  • The Myanmar government never allowed a citizenship status to Rohingyas.
  • They have been able to register as temporary residents with identification cards known as white cards.
  • This Card gave Them Some basic Rights But Not Allowed Permanent citizenship.
  • Through This card They Can Vote but In 2015 this Card Was Cancelled .
  • In 2014, UN held a census, which was the first in Myanmar in 30 years. Initially, the Muslim minority were allowed to register as Rohingya. But after Buddhist threatened to boycott the census, the government issued a statement that Rohingyas can register only if they are identified as Bengalis.

Concerns with regard to Illegal Migrants In India And what India can Do 

  • Illegal migrants “infringe on the rights of Indian citizens” .
  • They are “more vulnerable for getting recruited by terrorist organisations”.
  • Section 3(2)(c) of The Foreigners Act, 1946, gives the Central Government the right to deport a foreign national.
  • India is not a signatory to the 1951 United Nations Convention and 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees
  • India  does not currently have a national law on refugees.
  • In 2011, the Union government circulated to all states and Union Territories a Standard Operating Procedure to deal with foreign nationals who claimed to be refugees.

Why India Want To Deport Rohingya Muslims 

  • There Are More Than 40000 Rohingyas In India .
  • These Rohingyas Are In Touch of Terrorist Group And ISIS Group , This could Be dangerous For India .
  • Indulging in Illegal Activities – hawala,Anti National Activities .
  • North Eastern Region can be Destabilized By These Rohingya Muslims .
  • Possibility Of violence Outburst Against Buddhist In India .

Reaction On India Decision To Deport Rohingyas Muslims 

  • Any Deportation Of Rohingyas Muslim Will Violate Constitutional Rights Article 14 And Article 21 Which Provide Right To Equality And Life.
  • Would Infringe International Law .

Why India Should Help Rohingyas Muslims ?

  • We have offered Home To Many International Communities Like Afghan,Tibbetan ,Jews And Parsis .
  • We Can Also help Rohingyas Muslims also .
  • With Deportation of Rohingyas Muslims The Idea Of Hospitality And India As a Home refugee will Also Disappear.
  • India is The World Largest Democracy And With This We Can help Rohingyas.
  • Both Myanmar and Bangladesh Are Refusing Them To Accept As Their Citizen.


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