Roman saini Medical Science Strategy Pdf By Roman Saini – Hello Friends welcome to . In this Post we are providing you full Study Plan for medical science optional by Roman saini.Roman saini Medical Science Strategy Pdf By Roman Saini

Roman saini Medical Science Strategy Pdf By Roman Saini

Roman saini Medical Science Strategy Pdf By Roman Saini

Medical science optional is one of the few optionals which is consistently fetching high marks since the year it was introduced and very high marks are relatively easy to score in it. So, if you are a doctor or have done studies in allied branches, just go for it.

Especially go for it if you really like it and are genuinely interested, because the syllabus is vast and tends to delve into boredom at times.

Grab hold of the notes which you made during your professional examination during colleges (or ask your juniors), as the level of difficulty is somewhat lower than the questions asked in MBBS professional examination and since we have already covered most of the syllabus, we just need time to consolidate.

Read and finish the syllabus which is given in the UPSC prospectus as it will be more than enough to cover 90% of questions asked in the exam. Never lose your focus as medicine is a vast ocean where you have to master just a few drops to be a civil servant.

Just follow these guidelines and hopefully, you will get an amazing score.Roman saini Medical Science Strategy Pdf By Roman Saini 

  1. Never read page by page to complete a particular chapter as course is literally infinite not meant to be completed even in a lifetime.
  2. Be judicious in your time which you devote to study medical science as it is the most consistent optional out there, as far as cost benefit analysis is concerned. It gives the best bang for your buck.
  3. Just read topic wise from text books and never spend too much time studying one topic as it will not be fruitful. Just skim through it and revise often as MS is very volatile.
  4. Remember keywords and keywords only. Write in bullet points, rarely in complete sentences.
  5. Make diagram even if not explicitly asked by examiner and use color pencils for the same.
  6. Choose carefully which questions you want to attempt
    [If choice is provided. For example, attempt 5 out of 7] as you have good amount of choices. Attempt only those questions where you know some keywords in all the parts and sub-parts.
  7. Finally take this optional even if you didn’t study with dedication in your MBBS days as I will provide a shortcut with ~200 topics ( see the list below).
  8. There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED of coaching as syllabus is very straightforward.
  9. Use, rather exploit internet especially Wikipedia as it gives tones of information on almost all the topics .
  10. The major problems faced by me was paucity of time as I was an intern while I had my exam, so I didn’t get much time to study theory which covers most of the aspects of UPSC exam.
  11. Never and I mean never study from those huge MCQ books which are meant solely for PG entrance examination. They are a distraction completely avoid them.

Topics for Medical Science Optional -Roman saini Medical Science Strategy Pdf By Roman Saini 

For those who don’t have much time for Medical Science Optional; read some ~200 topics which is personally made by me after extensive analysis of past 10 years question papers and current trends. I personally studied those and got decent marks plus I also got more time to prepare for GS and essay.

1. Cancer – Mode of spread

2. HIV

3. Heart development & congenital abnormalities

4. Vitamins

5. Alcoholic Cirrhosis ; Portal Cirrhosis

6. Barbiturate poisoning

7. DNA fingerprinting

8. Name of organophosphorus and their poisoning

9. CML (Chronic myeloid leukaemia)

10. DM (Diabetes Mellitus)

11. CAD (Coronary Artery Disease)

12. Benign vs Malignant tumors

13. Bronchogenic Carcinoma

14. Infertile Female

15. Amebic liver abscess

16. Courvoisier’s law and fallacy

17. Water borne infections

18. Chemical carcinogens

19. Contraception

20. Anti cancer drugs

21. Anti malarial drugs

22. Tetralogy of Fallot

23. HTN (Hypertension)

24. Dog bite

25. Hip joint and Shoulder joint

26. Sterilization and disinfection

27. Vincristine –ALL

28. Grievous hurt

29. Virginity; Rape

30. Cervical carcinoma

31. Asthma

32. Placenta

33. Descent of testis

34. Granuloma

35. Chloroquine

36. Rape

37. Broncho-pulmonary segments

38. Facial nerve

39. Post-translational modification

40. Acute MI (Myocardial Infection)

41. Iron deficiency anemia

42. Tuberculosis

43. Inguinal canal

44. Insulin

45. Rheumatic heart disease + Strep throat + Rheumatic fever

46. Wound-Ante or post mortem

47. Leukemia

48. MDR-TB (Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis)

49. RCH (Reproductive and child health)

50. MTP (Medical termination of pregnancy)

51. Support of Uterus

52. Reflex arc

53. VLDL, LDL, Chylomicron

54. PCR, real time (Polymerase chain reaction- real time)

55. Metronidazole

56. Insecticides used in agriculture

57. Tubercular Meningitis

58. DOTS

59. PPH complication and management 3rd stage of labour

60. Infertility

61. Oral cancer

62. Hurt, injury

63. Partial hanging, red stain

64. Envenomation

65. Schizophrenia

66. Cutaneous lesion of diabetes, diabetic foot

67. Retained placenta, placenta previa

68. PIH

69. Regulation of body temperature, nucleus of hypothalamus

70. Cardiac output

71. Seminal stains

72. Entry and exit wounds

73. Stroke

74. Kala azar, Post kala-azar dermal leishmanasis

75. Alcoholic male – hematemesis

76. Malignant HTN

77. Fracture Treatment

78. Copper T

79. Immunization schedule

80. Detection of Carcinoma Cervix PAP test

81. Hemostasis vitamin K deficiency

82. Bacterial food poisoning

83. STD and causative agents

84. Ibuprofen, Furosemide,

85. Blood stains

86. # Fracture shaft of femur

87. Tubal factor infertility

88. Developmental, anatomy, uterus

89. Disputed paternity

90. Glomerulonephretis


92. Opioids, Diazepam, Rifampin

93. PPH (Post partum haemorrhage)

94. Blood supply of heart

95. Breast lymph

96. Menstruation cyclic changes in breast and vagina

97. Vitamers, Vitamins in oxidation-reduction reaction

98. Phenylalanine -> Tyrosine

99. Gene transfer in bacteria

100. Shotgun forensic medicine

101. NSAIDs COX-2

102. Immune suppression : Cyclosporins vs. Glucocorticoids

103. Burns extent + ante portem and post mortem

104. Hanging vs Strangulation

105. Smoking

106. Metabolic syndrome

107. Skin lesion in AIDS

108. Cutaneous manifestation of tuberculosis

109. Lupus vulgaris

110. Bleeding PV pregnancy

111. Liver abscess

112. Dimorphic anemia

113. Resurgence of malaria

114. Malignant malaria

115. Pelvic diaphragm -> applied anatomy

116. Thorax T.S. Sternal angle

117. Anatomy of Facial nerve

118. Sleep

119. Cholera

120. Homicidal and suicidal injuries

121. Nephrotic syndrome

122. Scabies

123. Pneumonia

124. Miliary and disseminated TB

125. Prevention of blindness

126. BPH – Indication of Surgery

127. Thyroid Gland + development + applied anatomy

128. Neuromuscular transmission + myasthenia gravis

129. Cortisol chronic use- why causes

130. Diabetes

131. Isoniazid with vitamin deficiency

132. Protein Synthesis

133. Morphological form of Pulmonary TB

134. ALL, Classify leukemias

135. Rheumatic carditis – Morphology and sequalal

136. Diagram of HIV

137. MOA (Mechanism of action) aspirin

138. ACE inhibitor

139. Anti-metabolites

140. Drowning

141. Huge splenomegaly

142. PUO (Pyrexia of Unknown Origin)

143. Psoriasis + Psoriatic arthropathy

144. ART (Anti-Retroviral Therapy)

145. Epidemic and different types of epidemic +propogated

146. Epidemic and epidemiology

147. Sympathetic and PNS (-> anabolic, nerves of tomorrow) of ANS

148. PNS (-> anabolic, nerves of tomorrow)

149. Development of testis

150. RTPCR in SNP

151. OHA + Insulin analogue

152. Scene of hanging

153. Renal change in DM

154. New approach in diagnosis  of malaria

155. Junk food, trans fat, life-style disease

156. Enumerate pre-malignant lessons of oral cavity

157. Hyper and hypothyroidism.

158. Cystic lesion of breast

159. Surgical causes of HTN

160. Labour + LOA

161. Trace element -> glucose tolerance

162. OCP causes which vitamin deficiency, How to identify

163. Predisposing factors in oral cancers

164. Griseofulvin

165. Various types of injuries

166. Different cirrhotic  conelation

167. Primary Biliary cirrhosis

168. Contribution in BG carcinoma

169. Different cancers of bronchus

170. Problems in early diagnosis of Bronchogenic CARCINOMA

171. Collect and preserve DNA sample

172. Asthma status, 2 degree HTN

173. Hematemesis

174. National immunization under RCH.

175. Baby of diabetic mother

176. Adrenal mass

177. Evaluation of health services

178. Intestinal obstruction

179. Sub-acute obstruction

180. PPH, CX , PJH, Ca breast , Ca prostate

181. Jaundice – 3 types and also galactose and fructose functional test

182. Intermediary metabolic functions of liver

183. Relation, support, applied anatomy of uterus

184. Phenobarbital causes which vitamin deficiency

185. Aluminum phosphide poisoning

186. Meningitis

187. Common cause of ARF in india

188. Primary and secondary infertility

189. RNTCP, anemia, blindness

190. DUB

191. Post-menopause bleeding


193. LSCS over classic cesarean

194. Reflex

195. Pancreas

196. Lactation

197. Hepadin

198. Pb poisoning

199. Malnourishment

200. Tetanus neonatorum

201. MDR and XDR TB

202. Acute pyclonephritis

203. WHO classification of pneumonia and  malnutrition

204. IMNCI

205. Leg ULCER –chronic

206. ANC

207. Anal cancer, Colorectal abscess, T/t

208. Gastric outlet obstruction

Suggested Readings for Medical Science- DR. Shaleen (AIR-81) -Roman saini Medical Science Strategy Pdf

  1. Human Anatomy—B D Chaurasia books of Anatomy (all three volumes); Embryology from I B Singh;
  2. Human Physiology– Ganong; Guyton and A.K.Jain book
  3. Biochemistry–  by U. Satnarayan’s book.
  4. Pathology–  Pathological basis of disease by Robbins and cotran, one can also refer to Harshmohan’s book also.
  5. Pharmacology– K D Tripathi’s book or even Lipincott is very good for memory point of view.
  6. Microbiology– D R Arora’s book. And same author’s book for medical parasitology.
Forensic medicine– Essentials of Forensic medicine and Toxicology by Dr. K S Narayan Reddy. It is better to go by the tables that have been given in this book as question are asked directly from there and it is advisable to not to miss them.
(Community medicine)Preventive and social medicine– K Park’s book is sufficient enough. There is no need to refer any special book for the programs of Govt. of India as K Park deals with them in good detail and one has to follow a word limit in writing questions.
General Medicine– there are various books for medicine and no one is complete. I would highly recommend reading only those books which you have referred during your graduation years. Like I followed CMDT(no need to buy latest edition), textbook of medicine by S N Chugh, Emergency medicine by S N Chugh. I would recommend making notes on certain medical emergencies like asthma, COPD, Status epilepticus, poisoning cases etc. It is better to avoid reading Harrison as one need to prepare any question optimally and not totally. For Infectious diseases one should refer book from Indian author as presentation of Infectious diseases is a bit different in our country than west so avoid CMDT or Harrision for that.
General Surgery– Manipal’s manual of surgery. For Differential diagnosis part one can refer to clinical surgery by S Das.
Pediatrics–  Essential pediatrics by O P Ghai, paul and bagga. For d/d one can refer to DR. Mayoor K cheda book.
Deraematology– illustrated synopsis of Dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases by Neena Khanna.
Obstetrics and gynecology including family planning– Obstetrics by D C Dutta. And for gynecology either D C Dutta’s book or Shaw’s Gynecology. Practice questions in flow chart format like that has been given in D C dutta as it is the standard format to prepare for answer writing in medical science paper.
I have tried to give a list of books that is minimally necessary and it is advisable to read that part thoroughly so that one can attempt questions optimally and qualitatively.
DR. Shaleen
Source – UnAcademy , -Roman saini Medical Science Strategy Pdf-Roman saini Medical Science Strategy Pdf

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