RRB ALP 2018 General Science Questions Asked 10th August 2018 – hello friends Welcome to studydhaba.com . here we are sharing Number of Questions Asked from general Awareness and general Science in RRB ALP Exam on 10th August 2018.

Here is the list of All Questions Asked on 10th August 2018 .RRB ALP 2018 General Science Questions Asked 10th August 2018

RRB ALP 2018 General Science Questions Asked 10th August 2018

  • Plasmodium Vivax related question.
  • Unit of Force – Newton
  • Atomic Number of Copper – 29
  • Helium related question.
  • How many electrons does the outer most shell have (of given element)?
  • What is on top of a flower – Stigma, style, ovary?
  • GST related question
  • First element of periodic table – Hydrogen
  • How many vertebral columns does human have? – 33
  • pH value related question.
  • Fibrin is made up of what? – Fibrinogen
  • Vitamin C chemical name? – Ascorbic acid
  • Who discovered telephone? – Alexender Gram Bell
  • Ohm’s law related question
  • RBC related question
  • Celcius and Farenheit related question
  • Who discovered blood group? – Karl Landsteiner
  • Who is father of genetics? – Gregor Mendel
  • Chemical formula of protein – RCH(NH2)COOH
  • Teflon coating related question
  • Which gas protects food form oxidation?
  • Formula of Propane – C3H8
  • What does C in BCG stand for? – ‘Calmette’ (Bacillus Calmette Guerin)
  • If the value of current is increased what will be effect on resistance? – Resistance will increase
  • What is the scientific name of Laughing Gas? – Nitrous Oxide
  • Which instrument determines specific gravity of liquids? – Hydrometer
  • The desert is cold in the night and hot in the day, why?
  • The source of energy in the Sun? – Nuclear fusion reactions

RRB ALP 10th August 2018 general Awareness Questions Asked

  • One Question Asked From GST related
  • CAG Director – Rajeev Maharishi
  • Chief of Election Commissioner – Achal Kumar Joti
  • In which year did NATO come into existence? – 1949
  • Capital of Holland – Amsterdam
  • Who was Olympic 2016 Flag Bearer (India) – Abhinav Bindra
  • President of IOA (Indian Olympic Association) – Narinder Dhruv Batra
  • Neeraj Chopra is associated with which game? – Javelin Throw
  • Who got the 2017 PETA’s person of the year award? – Anushka Sharma
  • Dadasaheb Phalke Award – Vinod Khanna
  • Vyas Samman – Manta Kaliya
  • Padma Shree – Murlikant Petkar
  • Who is the owner of spicejet ? – Ajay Singh
  • Who discovered Insulin  ? – Frederick Banting
  • The Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports constituted a Task Force to prepare an action plan for ________ Olympic games – 2020, 2024 and 2028
  • The Dholera International Airport is located in which state? – Gujarat
  • When did Harimau Shakti Exercise happen? – 30 April 18 to 13 May 18
  • Which stock exchange is planning to launch their IPO?
  • Unnati Card issued by which bank? – SBI
  • Where is Uri Dam situated? – Jhelum River
  • Captain of Volleyball team – Gurinder Singh
  • Women Asia Cup Hockey Winner – India
  • Which University Raghuram Rajan is serving as a professor? – University of Chicago
  • Chief Secretary of Delhi Government? – Anshu Prakash
  • Governor of Jharkhand? – Draupadi Murmu
  • Book written by Sania Mirza – Ace Against Odds

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