Sachar committee Report pdf – Sachar Committee Recommendations for UPSC IAS Prelims And Mains

Sachar committee Report pdf – Sachar Committee Recommendations – We Are Sharing This Post Today because Former chief justice Of India Rajinder Sachar died Recently . It Was in news . Thats Why it Automatically Become a important topic.

you Must be heard A Lot About Sachar Committee . Here We  Will Discuss About Sachar committee and its Recommendations .

Sachar committee Report pdf - Sachar Committee Recommendations

Sachar committee Report Notes UPSC IAS – Sachar Committee Recommendations

The broad areas of recommendation are as follows-

  1. Educational Empowerment
  2. Access to Credit
  3. Skill Development and Economic Empowerment
  4. Special Development Initiatives
  5. Waqfs
  6. Measures for Affirmative Action
  7. Miscellaneous

The main recommendations made by the Sachar committee before 10 years to address the status of the Muslim community are:

  • Constituting an Equal Opportunity Commission to look into grievances of deprived groups such as minorities in public bodies.
  • Establishing a nomination procedure to increase participation of minorities in public bodies.
  • Creating a delimitation procedure which does not reserve constituencies with high minority population for SCs.
  • Establish mechanisms to link madarsas with higher secondary school board.
  • Improve the employment share of Muslims.
  • Recognise degrees offered by madarsas in defence, civil and banking examinations.
  • To create a National Data Bank where all relevant data for various Socio-religious communities are maintained.
  • UGC should evolve a system where part of the allocation to colleges and universities is linked to the diversity in the student population.

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