How to Prepare SBI PO Reasoning Ability Section 2017 Study Plan Pdf

How to Prepare SBI PO Reasoning Ability Section 2017 Study Plan Pdf-The State Bank of India will commence the SBI PO Recruitment process in the month of April. It is essential for every candidate to crack both Prelims & Mains Examination, if he/she wants to work as a Bank PO in State Bank of India.

According to the official notification, the total number of vacancies amount to 2403 for the upcoming year. To acquaint yourself with the important information regarding the exam dates, eligibility criteria etc., head on this link.

In this article, our primary focus will be on How to Prepare for SBI PO Reasoning Ability Section 2017 and qualify for the next level, SBI PO Mains Examination. You can also read our previous articles on Numerical Ability and English Language Preparation Tips.How to Prepare SBI PO Reasoning Ability Section 2017 Study Plan Pdf

SBI PO Exam Pattern 2017 (Prelims)

The Preliminary Examination for SBI PO will be a Computer-Based Test (CBT) and the pattern will be Objective MCQ type. There will be 100 questions in total from 3 sections – English Language, Numerical Ability and Reasoning Ability.How to Prepare SBI PO Reasoning Ability Section 2017 Study Plan Pdf

How to Prepare SBI PO Reasoning Ability Section 2017 Study Plan Pdf

Some of the essential details related to SBI PO Prelims 2017 are as follows.

  • The total number of questions will be 100.
  • The Paper mode will be English/ Hindi.
  • Each question carries 1 mark.
  • The total time to solve the entire paper is 60 minutes.
  • There will be sectional and overall cutoff.

SBI PO Reasoning Syllabus -How to Prepare SBI PO Reasoning Ability Section 2017 Study Plan Pdf

  • Syllogistic reasoning
  • Relationship Concepts
  • Statement conclusion
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Analogies Space Visualization
  • Similarities and Differences
  • Decision Making
  • Problem-Solving
  • Arithmetical Number Series
  • Differences
  • Arithmetical Reasoning
  • Analysis
  • Judgement
  • Visual memory
  • Observation
  • Discrimination
  • Verbal and Figure Classification
  • Non-verbal series
  • Coding Decoding

SBI PO Reasoning Books to Refer

Books to be referred for Reasoning Section of SBI PO:

  • A new approach Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning (Arihant) by BS Sijwali
  • A Modern Approach to Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning (S.Chand) by R.S.Agarwal
  • Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey.
  • Verbal Reasoning By R.S. Agarwal
  • You can also choose some other books as per your choice.

How to Prepare for SBI PO Reasoning Ability Section 2017

Focus on topics that are Easy to Handle

The SBI PO Reasoning Ability Section is quite massive. So, there can be a chance that you might miss out on a few scoring topics.

The following topics in SBI PO Reasoning Ability Section in Preliminary Examination should be at your tips.

  • Direction Sense
  • Blood Relation
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Order and Ranking Problems

These questions give the most accurate answers in the least time, provided you have given them time while preparing for SBI PO Exam.

Strategy for Main Chapters to Prepare Reasoning for SBI PO

  • Coding & Decoding: This will likely appear as a comprehension of 5 questions in the exam. As you need to solve the comprehension only once and answer all questions on the basis of that, this is an easy and scoring topic. Besides, once you understand the fundamentals of Coding & Decoding, it is an easy enough topic to follow. You may find questions based on Coding in Fictitious Language (most likely to appear) OR Coding by Letter Shifting.You may attempt 15 sets on Coding in Fictitious Language and try at least 50 questions on Coding by Letter Shifting (in all different varieties).
  • Inequalities: 5 questions on Inequalities will surely appear in this exam. It most likely will be Direct Mathematical Inequalities OR Coded inequalities (Less chances of appearing, but do practice at least 100 Qs) Mathematical inequalities are simpler so practice at least 150-200 different types of Qs from this topics. But do prepare for Coded Inequalities too as it can help you score 5 to 7 marks, if asked. Make sure to practice at least 5 sets (of 5 questions each) of both topics in the week leading up to the exam.
  • Syllogisms: Up to 5 questions on Syllogisms could appear in the exam. This could be a tricky topic and requires clarity of the concepts involved in Syllogisms. Questions with 2-3 Statements and 2-3 Conclusions with possibility case are most likely to appear. So practice at least 200 questions on Syllogisms. Don’t forget to focus on the more difficult concepts in Syllogisms like questions with Negative Conclusions, questions with Possibility cases and new type of syllogisms (asked in IBPS PO Mains 2016). Solving these will make you perfect even in the basics as it will shape how you approach these questions. Use Venn diagrams, the simplest method, to solve the questions and get the correct answer.
  • Seating Arrangement: You will likely get at least two comprehension of 5-6 questions. This is a topic that you MUST attempt but be careful while doing so. It is a tricky topic and you could easily lose marks if you miss out even a single case. Problems can be either of:Circular Arrangement type OR Linear Arrangement type.
  • Along with seating arrangement of people there will be some other information unique to them, making it tougher. It may be Blood Relations, Ages, Occupations, Companies, Habits, etc. of different people. Mostly negative information will be given making the problem even more difficult. So practice different arrangements. Try at least 40-50 sets of Circular and Linear Arrangements each.
  • Puzzles: There may be 1 puzzle of 5 questions based on:Double Lineup OR Scheduling.Most people get intimidated by the length of these problem and don’t attempt them. These are relatively easy, so don’t be afraid of tackling them. Try at least 40-50 different sets of each type of Puzzle.
  • Data Sufficiency: There will be 0 to 2 questions on Data Sufficiency. Try these problems from a wide range of chapters including Blood Relations, Directions & Distances, Ordering & Ranking, Coding & Decoding in Fictitious Language etc. These are generally simple and scoring but Blood Relation problems may be tricky.

SBI PO Reasoning Study Plan.How to Prepare SBI PO Reasoning Ability Section 2017 Study Plan Pdf

  • Do not try to study everything because if you try and study everything you will end up cramming your schedule and ultimately risk being under prepared.
  • Accuracy and Speed are the keys for scoring maximum in this section.
  • Give 1 hour daily for Reasoning preparation.
  • For the next 2-3 days, go through basic concepts and questions for topics stated above.
  • Then take up each topic for 3 days and solve maximum questions possible on that topic.
  • While doing the above exercise, solve at least 50 questions everyday.
  • Start giving Mock Tests. Identify topics you are weak in and again attempt those topics.
  • Mock Tests will also help you prepare a timing strategy.
  • Talk to experts about those topics and get your doubts solved.
  • Practice Practice Practice. All the BEST.

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