Sociology Important Questions Pdf For IAS Mains 2016

Sociology Important Questions Pdf For IAS Mains 2016 – Hello Friends Welcome To We Are Sharing Important Questions List For IAS MAins 2016 Exam.

Sociology Important Questions Pdf For IAS Mains 2016

Sociology Important Questions Pdf For IAS Mains 2016

Sociology Important Questions Pdf For IAS Mains 2016 -Sociology Important Questions Pdf For IAS Mains 2016

  1. “Sociology emerged in Europe and flourished to begin with on social reformist orientation in the U.S.A”.-comment.
  2. “The emergence of sociology in Europe owes a great deal to the ideas and discoveries contributed by science.” Explain.
  3. “Sociology without history is rootless & history without Sociology is fruitless”. Elaborate.
  4. What can sociology show us about our actions? Discuss the practical significance of Sociology.
  5. How is emergence of sociology linked with modernization of Europe?
  6. Discuss how the sociologists have tried to solve the problem of differentiating the nature and scope of their discipline from the subject matter of other social sciences
  7. Had the French Revolution anything to do with the emergency of Sociology in Europe? Make a critical study.
  8. How is sociological approach to human actions different from that of psychological approach? (10 marks)
  9. Sociology is a science of society.
  10. The problem of objectivity in Sociology.
  11. Bearing of research on theory.
  12. Value neutrality in social science
  13. Methods of science and sociology
  14. Explain the significance of empirical approach to the study of Indian society. How does the use of historical approach enrich empirical orientation? (95/60)
  15. “Tradition and modernity co-exist in contemporary Indian society’. Discuss the factors responsible for this continuity and change. (96/60)
  16. Write short note: Impact of Islam on Indian society.
  17. Substantiate, citing literature, the view that analysis of social stability and change has been the main concern of classical sociologists. (400 Words)
  18. Explain the view that the social system is a basic conceptual model useful in understanding social organization. (400 Words)
  19. Explain as to why and how Durkheim described social reality to the group, not to the individual.
  20. Taking clue from Weber’s analysis of the role of Calvinist ethics in the rise of mature
    capitalism, discuss the relative impact of (a) economic conditions, and (b) values and ideas, on social change.
  21. “The personality is formed, maintained and changed as the socialization process moves
    along.” Explain. (400 Words)
  22. What functions does social conflict perform? Explain the nature of social conflict in the developing countries today. (400 Words)
  23. Pareto on social equilibrium.
  24. Power and legitimacy .Sociology Important Questions Pdf For IAS Mains 2016
  25. Role-set and role conflict.
  26. Totemism and social solidarity
  27. What do you mean by empiricism? Examine the significance of empirical confirmation in
    building sociological theory.
  28. Participant observation in many situations is nothing more than a case study.” Comment.
  29. Explain the basic features of the ex post facto research design and assess its role in
    sociological research.
  30. Reliability and validity.
  31. Verstehen method.
  32.  Sources of hypothesis.
  33. Survey research.
  34. Bring out the unity and diversity in the society and culture in India.
  35. Describe the different approaches to the study of Indian society and examine fully the utility of any one of them.
  36. Discuss the impact of religious, linguistic, caste and tribal groups on the nation building process in India.
  37. Distinguish between tribe and caste bringing out the implications of the difference for
    settlement pattern and community living.
  38. Enumerate and explain the factors conducive to joint family and comment on its prevalence/disappearance in rural India.
  39.  Enumerate the forces affecting the jajmani system and examine their impact on the ‘community’ aspect of the village.
  40. Examine whether the different centers of political power in India are successful as democratic institutions. (400 Words)
  41. Define social stratification and discuss the principles of stratification in the traditional hierarchy (400 Words)
  42. Examine the changing stratification system in modern India in relation to the issues of equality and social justice. (400 Words)
  43. Bring out the impact of education on social mobility and equality with special reference to the Scheduled castes. (400 Words)
  44. Define social change and assess the role of legislative measures in bringing about social change in India. (400 Words)
  45. Social movements in post-independence India.
  46. Industrialization and social change in India.Sociology Important Questions Pdf For IAS Mains 2016
  47. Role of religion in the traditional Indian society.
  48. Unintended consequences of planned social change in India.
  49.  Distinguish between formal and informal structures of organizations and show how some of
    the problems of formal organizations can be better understood in forms of this distinction. (250 Words)
  50. Define ‘social stratification’ and critically examine the view that Marx has “oversimplified the structure of satisfaction by reducing it to one factor, control of the means of production.” (250 Words)
  51. What do you mean by functionalism? Explain Merton’s paradigm of functional analysis. Does
    it satisfy the requirements of a rigorous theory?(250 Words)
  52. In what ways is organic solidarity different from mechanical solidarity? Does organic division
    of labour lead to greater efficiency? Illustrate your view with examples. (250 Words)
  53. Examine Pareto’s analysis of the circulation of elites. It is valid for the modern industrial
  54. Distinguish among power, prestige and authority. What are the different ways in which an authority may gain legitimacy? Why does a changing society face crises of legitimacy?
  55. Bring out the relationship between technological development and changes in family and kinship. How do you account for the different types of kinship system in the US and Japan which are similar with regard to technological development?
  56. Define and elaborate social fact and social action as the subject matter of sociology. What are the problems which such a subject matter possess for its scientific study? Can it be studied scientifically at all?
  57. Distinguish between observation and interviewing as techniques of data collection. Under what contexts may their use be recommended? Bring out their merits and demerits as regards their objectivity and validity. (300 Words)
  58. What argument are adduced by some authors to assert that the caste system is peculiar only
    to India, and by some others to show that it is a universal phenomenon observable in other parts of the world as well?
  59. Some authors maintain that the caste system contributes to solidarity and harmony in
    society, whereas some other thinks that it is an exploitative system. What are the grounds for such divergent views?
  60. Analyse the interrelationships among the joint family, the caste system and the village community in the traditional Indian society and show how they were supported by the peculiar economic organization and the value system.
  61. Describe the traditional modes of adaptation and mobility in tribe and caste in India and
    bring out the significant changes in these process since independence.
  62. Traditionally, marriage in the Father-right societies in India was not merely a union between
    man and woman, but a permanent transfer of a woman from the family of her parents into that of her husband. What customs and practices in marriage and family can you adduce to substantiate this observation?
  63. There are tendencies in some parts of the country, on the part of the native people of a region to discriminate against the immigrants. Analyse the economic, demographic and socio-cultural factors which may give rise to the politics of nativism. (250 Words)
  64. Examine India’s claim to be a secular state and society. Does the concept of secular state as
    understood in India lead to the spread of secularism in society as a scientific concept. (250 Words)
  65. Give a brief account of the major social reform movements in the 19th and 20th century
    India. How and why can they be regarded fundamentally different from such movements in the past (250 W0rds)
  66. Explain why it is not urbanization alone, but urbanization combined with industrialization,
    which is responsible for far-reaching changes in society. (250 Words)
  67. What are the major postulates in functional analysis? Is the framework conservative or
    radical in its approach to the study of social phenomena? Substantiate your view. (300 Words)
  68. Discuss how the sociologists have tried to solve the problem of differentiating the nature
    and scope of their discipline from the subject matter of other social sciences. (300 Words)
  69. Distinguish among the concepts of “social inequalities”, “social hierarchy” and “the
    perpetuation of social inequalities”. How are these features manifested in the different forms of social stratification? (250 Words)

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