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SSC CGL Salary after 7th Pay commission 2018 – ITI, Examiner, MEA Asst,Inspector,Auditor

SSC CGL Salary after 7th Pay commission . Hello Friends Welcome to Studydhaba.com . In this Post we are Providing you The Estimated Salary of SSC CGL Posts After 7th Pay Commission . We are Just Providing you A Rough Idea .

Full Details Given Below .SSC CGL Salary In 2017 for Income tax Inspector,Excise Inspector ,CBI Inspector ,Assistants In Ministry etc . Now SSC CGL Is Most Hot job In India . Now More and More Candidates Applying for SSC CGL Exam.

SSC CGL Salary 2018 - SSC CGL monthly In hand salary details 2018


SSC CGL Salary after 7th Pay commission – ITI, Examiner, MEA Asst,Inspector

SSC CGL Salary after 7th Pay commission – Here we are providing you the Salary of SSC CGL Posts after 7th Pay commission . 7th Pay commission will be implemented from 1st January 2016.Everybody asking about the what will be salary after 7th pay commission . We are trying to Solve your Most of the Problem by providing these Estimation of various Job posts

In this Category Most of the Posts Will Be 4600 Grade Pay .But As you Know Now 7th Pay Commission Suggested some other Methods to calculate Your Salary .

Posts List IN SSC CGL Examination – List Given below

Post Ministries/Department/ Offices/ CadreClassificationGrade Pay
AssistantCentral Secretariat ServiceGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
AssistantCentral Vigilance CommissionGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
AssistantIntelligence BureauGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
AssistantMinistry of RailwayGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
AssistantMinistry of External AffairsGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
AssistantMinistry of External AffairsGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
AssistantAFHQGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
AssistantOther Ministries/ Departments/OrganisationsGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
AssistantOther Ministries/ Departments/OrganisationsGroup “B”Grade Pay 4200
Inspector, (Central Excise)CBECGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
Inspector (Preventive Officer)CBECGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
Inspector (Examiner)CBECGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
Assistant Enforcement OfficerDirectorate of Enforcement, Department of RevenueGroup “B”Grade Pay 4600
Sub InspectorCentral Bureau of InvestigationGroup “B”Grade Pay 4200
Inspector of PostsDepartment of PostGroup “B”Grade Pay 4200
Statistical Investigator Gr.IIM/o Statistics & Prog.
Group “B”Grade Pay 4200
InspectorCentral Bureau of NarcoticsGroup “B”Grade Pay 4200
Sub Inspector National Investigation Agency (NIA)Group “B”Grade Pay 4200


PostsDepartment \MinistryGroupGrade Pay
Inspector of Income TaxCBDTGroup “C”4600
Divisional AccountantOffices under CAGGroup “C”4200
AuditorOffices under C&AGGroup “C”2800
AuditorOffices under CGDAGroup “C”2800
AuditorOffices under CGA
& others
Group “C”2800
Accountant/ Junior AccountantOffices under C&AGGroup “C”2800
Accountant/ Junior AccountantOffices under CGA
& others
Group “C”2800
Upper Division ClerkCentral Govt. Offices/Ministries other than CSCS cadres.Group “C”2400
Tax AssistantCBDTGroup “C”2400
Tax AssistantCBECGroup “C”2400
CompilerRegistrar General of IndiaGroup “C”2400
Sub- InspectorCentral Bureau of NarcoticsGroup “C”2400

SSC CGL Salary after 7th Pay commission – Inspector Etc

SSC CGL Salary after 7th Pay commission – Here is table given From 7th Pay Commission report . On the Basis of This Table you can Predict What will Be Your Basic Salary After 7th pay Commission Implementation .


Now Indian government has issued 7th Pay Commission Implementation Notification . Good News is -Now You will get Your Increased Salary From August 2016.This August 2016 You will get Full Salary with All Arrears . All Arrears Will be paid in Single Installment .


What will be the Salary of MTS After 7th Pay Commission

SSC CGL Salary after 7th Pay commission – Inspector Etc

  • MTS Starting Salary will Be 18000 As a Basic Pay
  • Rest are depend on the What type of city you have been posted.
BASIC + Allowncess X Category cityY Category CityZ category City
Basic Salary 180001800018000
DA On TA000
Gross Salary236702178020340
Cash In Hand 202451835516915

What will be the Salary of Income Tax Inspector , Excise Inspector , Examiner , ED Inspector , Preventive officer Etc Posts Salary After 7th Pay Commission Which Comes Under 4600 grade Pay 

SSC CGL Salary after 7th Pay commission – Inspector Etc

Basic + AllowancesX categoryY CategoryZ category
DA on TA000
Gross Salary592765388450292
Salary In Hand519614656942977


SSC CGL Salary after 7th Pay commission – Inspector Etc

StepsCalculations Step Wise

Step 1

Lets take an example of a govt employee say priyesh under 4600 GP working from 2011 with current basic pay of 14140 (13500+yearly increments) + Grade pay 4600

  • Add Basic Pay + Grade Pay
  • Here it will be (14140+4600) = 18740 after Adding Both Basic Pay And Grade Pay

Step 2

  • Multiply the above figure with 7th CPC Fitment Factor (Index) 2.57
  • Multiply your Basic pay with this fitment factor, 18740 * 2.57 = 48161.8
  • Now After Multiplying both Basic Pay and Grade Pay Addition with 2.57 Then You will Be this  48162

Step 3

  • Now next Step is to Compare this Answer with Matrix Table ( Given Below) and select closest higher figure in the Table given Below
  • Our Figure is 48162 so we take the nearest highest value which is 49000
  • This figure is your Basic Pay i.e. Rs 49000

Step 4

Calculation of HRA:

  • 7cpc has the following changes w.r.t HRA – In the 7th Pay commission there is A Change in HRA rate .
  • Now will Calculate The HRA On the Basis Of 7th pay commission
  • 30 % is changed to 24 %
  • 20 % is changed to 16%
  • 10 % is changed to 8 %
  • Find the 24% of the Basic Pay  =   49000 x 24/100 = 11760  – Your HRA is Rs.11760 After Calculating it


 Step 5Dearness Allowance (DA)

  • Since DA will be Zero from 1.1.2016 So no need to calculate the DA.
Step 6TPTA (Transport Allowance)

  • 7th CPC Recommends Transport Allowance for three Category of Employees for Two Types of Places
  • If you are living in A1 and A classified cities  you will be entitled to get higher TPTA rates
  • Since Grade Pay is 4600 our guy falls in Second category ie Grade Pay 2000 to 4800 = Rs 3600+DA
  • Your TPTA is Rs. 3600 (DA is Nil as on 1.1.2016)
Step 7Gross Pay

Add all the figures

  • New Basic Pay + HRA+DA+TPTA = 49000+11760+0+3600 = 64360
  • Your revised 7th CPC Grass pay as on 1.1.2016  =  Rs.64360.
Steps 8Deductions:


  • It is deducted on basic pay and is 10 %
  • so NPS deduction is 10 % of 49000 = 4900
Step 9CGEGIS Deductions 

  • CGEGIS Deduction Will Be Rs 2500
Step 10CGHS: 

  • CGHS Table is not Given Here you can Check this table In 7th Pay commission report
  • CHGS Deduction will be Rs 325
Step 11Total Deductions:

  • NPS+CGEGIS+CGHS = 4900+2500+325 = 7725
Step 12Cash In Hand (Net Salary):

  • Gross salary – Deductions => 64360-7725 = Rs. 56635

SSC CGL Salary after 7th Pay commission

Centre government Employees DA increased from 119% to 125 %

SSC CGL In Hand Salary for All Posts 

PostsGrade payIn Hand Salary
Inspector Examiner (CBEC)460052000
Inspector Preventive (CBEC)460051000
Inspector (Excise Dept.) 460051911
Inspector in Income Tax460051122
Sub Inspector (CBI)420042000
Inspector of Any Post (Department)420042211
Inspector (Narcotics Dept.)420041140
Sub Inspector (NIA) Investigation420041999
Assistant in External Affairs (Ministry460052333
Assistant in Railway (Ministry)460053444
Assistant in IB (Investigation)460052411
Assistant in (Secretarial Services)460051121
Division Accountant (CAG)420042456
CGDA Auditor280035250
C and GA Auditor280035000
CGA Auditor280036400
Junior Accountant CGA280035111
CBDT Tax Assistant240031000
UDC (Central Dept.)240031400
CBEC Tax Assistant240032444
Sub Inspector in (Narcotics)240031101
  • SSC CGL: Profile: AAO
  • SSC CGL Income tax Inspector Job Profile
  • SSC CGL: Preventive Officer Job Profile
  • SSC CGL: Profile: Examiner
  • SSC CGL Assistant in Ministry of External affairs Job Profile
  • SSC CGL Assistant Enforcement Officer Job Profile:
  • SSC CGL Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission Job Profile
  • SSC CGL Central Excise Inspector Job Profile:
  • SSC CGL Assistant in Ministry of Railways Job Profile
  • SSC CGL: Profile: Assistant in AFHQ
  • SSC CGL : Profile Assistant in other Ministries
  • SSC CGL: Profile Assistant in Intelligence Bureau.
  • SSC CGL: profile Compiler in Registrar General of India
  • SSC CGL: Profile Tax Assistant in CBEC
  • SSC CGL: Profile Tax Assistant in CBDT
  • SSC CGL: Profile Auditor in C&AG
  • SSC CGL Auditor in CGDA Job Profile
  • SSC CGL: Profile Statistical Investigator
  • SSC CGL: Profile Inspector of Posts
  • SSC CGL: Profile Sub Inspector in NIA (National Investigation Agency)
  • SSC CGL: Profile Divisional Accountant in CAG Office
  • SSC CGL: Profile Assistant Section Officer in Central Secretariat Service
  • SSC CGL: Profile Sub Inspector in CBI
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