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SSC CPO Re Exam Questions Pdf Download

SSC CPO Re Exam Questions Pdf download  -General Awareness asked in SSC CPO SI Re Exam . These are the List of Questions Which were asked In SSC CPO 2016 Re Exam.

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SSC CPO Re Exam Questions PDF Download

SSC CPO Re Exam Questions Pdf Download

  • Urine consists of which Vitamin?
  • Which is Gulabi Smarak?
  • Who is the head of BRICS Bank?
  • Which public sector Bank will take a loan from BRICS Bank?
  • Cabinet Ministry is responsible for?
  • Which salt produces the color in flame?
  • Who is/was the first Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir?
  • In 2016, how many MoU’s were signed between the Governments of India and France?
  • In which article of Constitution is Child Labor Act included?
  • What happens when a ship moves from river to sea?
  • Which country became the top exporter of Rice leaving Indonesia behind?
  • Which is the southernmost point of India?
  • Which line separates India and Africa?
  • Which plan is introduced in North East India for the prevention of AIDS?
  • Who Invented X Ray ?
  • Who Invented Lift ?
  • First panchayati Raj Institution Was Started In Which village ?
  • Which Which Amendment Right to property Was Abolished?
  • two Questions Were Related to Committees ?
  • What Is Reverse Repo Rate ?
  • What is Deflation?
  • One Question Was Related to Magna Carta ?
  • Snooker 2016 Winners – One Question Was Asked About this topic
  • One Question Was Related to book And Author ?


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    which is the second lightest gas?

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