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Tips on mains answer writing by Ira Singhal (AIR-1/CSE-14)

Tips on mains answer writing by Ira Singhal (AIR-1/CSE-14) – Hello Friends Welcome to studydhaba.com . Here We are sharing IRA singhal IAS topper answer Writing Strategy for ias mains .

Tips on mains answer writing by Ira Singhal (AIR-1/CSE-14)

“Tips on mains answer writing — Ira Singhal (AIR-1/CSE-14)

  • -If you know 1% of the answer and repeat the same point over and over again 500 times to fit the word limit, then examiner is not going to be fooled, he has seen thousands of copies, let’s not disrespect his intelligence. I made this mistake in 2013 but realised that this only wastes our time and fatigues your hand.
  • -I only wrote what I knew, I skipped questions where I didn’t know the answer.
  • -If I know 10-40%, I only wrote that much without bothering about reaching the 100% answer length by writing “stories”.
  • -Don’t write vague answers that remotely resemble to what is being asked in the question.
  • -I write in bullet points for both general studies and optional papers in mains.
  • -I underline the keywords but I don’t use colored pens like most girls do, I don’t understand how do you hold so many pens in your hands without sacrificing speed and efficiency.
  • -I don’t have time to write introduction or conclusion.
  • -Good if you write diagrams, especially for geography questions and GS3.
  • -Do read the question again and again while writing the answer to ensure you’re not drifting away from what is being asked.
  • -Language matters but don’t write complicated sentences, do better that “medium”. Don’t write Shakespeare thing. I tried previous time but didn’t work.”

Ira Singhal (AIR-1/CSE-14)

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