Types of Agriculture pdf notes – Geography – Types of Agriculture pdf notes – Geography Notes for Different Types of Cultivation Method .

  • Intensive method: It is practiced where the supply of land is limited and density of population is high. China, Japan, India, UK, Holland, Germany and Belgium practice this method.
  • Extensive method: It is practiced in sparsely populated area – where per man land area is higher and where there is scope for bringing additional land under cultivation e.g. USA, Russia, Australia, Argentina and Brazil.
  • Shifting cultivation: A primitive form of agriculture practiced mainly in the tropics wherein a plot of land incultivated for a few years, until the production declines due to soil exhaustion.

  • Plantation farming: An estate farming mostly in tropical and subtropical regions devoted to large scale production of one or more cash crops e.g. Coffee,Rubber and Tea, etc.
  • Mixed farming: It refers to the combination of agriculture and livestock farming.
  • Nomadic Herding: It’s a type of shifting pastoral farming in which pastoralists move from one place to another in search of good pasture. It is mainly practiced in arid and hilly regions and primitive societies.Animals like Cattle, sheep and goat are reared for milk, meat, wool etc.

Types of Agriculture pdf notes –  Agriculture pdf notes – Geography

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