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1-Should India grant asylum to Baloch leaders?

  • Balochistan issue has surfaced as a factor in Indo-Pakistan relations after the Prime Minister raised his concerns from the ramparts of the Red fort. Balochistan is a restive region of Pakistan and Pakistan has been accusing India of fomenting instability in the region. Region has also got salience because of deep water port of Gwadar. From humanitarian perspective, we have given asylum to Dalai Lama and thousands others. So, Baloch leaders should also get the same treatment. Geopolitically, this can act as leverage against Pakistani designs in Kashmir. However, there can be objections from China too and this can further strengthen the China-Pak bonding. This can also give scope for Pakistan for accusing India at various platforms of patronizing and designing instability. Thus there will be a need for cold-minded calculation, before taking the call.

2-As India becomes a major power, How much significant will be the principle of Panchsheel in coming years.

  • With rise of India’s economic stature, its geo-strategic profile is also increasing and it is being counted as one of the emerging powers. The Panchsheel, which has its origin is Buddhist teachings of pacifism and non-interference, has been India’s policy in its engagement with the world. However, with power comes responsibility. As India grows in power, it’ll have to take decisions on various global issues which may need breach of the principle. We must remember than only principle permanent in the International relations is the “primacy of National Interest” and making any other principle may limit our policy options and make our stance rigid. So, the decision making must keep in mind India’s national interest and basic human values while taking decisions on the issues of the future.

3-Democratic security and diamond and string of pearls.

  • Democratic Security Diamond refers to the strategic vision of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe where he envisaged a strategy whereby Australia, India, Japan and the US form a security diamond to safeguard maritime commons stretching from Indian Ocean to the Western Pacific. The String of Pearls is a geopolitical theory given by USA regarding potential Chinese intentions in the Indian Ocean region. It refers to the network of Chinese military and commercial facilities and relationships along the sea lines of communication in Indian Ocean. Chinese has continuously denied about any such designs.

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UPSC 2017 Interview Expected Questions Pdf -IAS Interview Tricky Questions pdf


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