UPSC Civil Services Mains 2018 Political Science Optional Question Paper pdf – Hello friends Welcome To . Here We are sharing UPSC Mains Optional Political Science Question Paper 1 and Paper 2 in pdf form . You can download This paper From Link given below .

UPSC Civil Services Mains 2018 Political Science Optional Question Paper pdf

UPSC Civil Services Mains 2018 Political Science Optional Question Paper pdf

Paper 1 

Comment On Following In about 150 words Each

Question 1

  1. John Stuart Mill is a Reluctant Democrat – CL Wayper
  2. Decline Of Political theory
  3. Distribute justice
  4. Substantive Democracy
  5. Nothing against The State,Nothing Over it ,Nothing beyond It

Question 2

  1. Critical Examine the NEO Liberal theory of State .
  2. Analyst john Rawls Justification of Discrimination To Achieve The Goal of Justice .
  3. Equality means Fair Treatment Rather Equal Treatment . comment

Question 3

  1. What Do You undertstand By Three generations of Human Rights ?
  2. Critical Examine Macpherson Views On Democracy
  3. Explain Relationship between Power ,Authority And Legitimacy .

Question 4 

  1. John Locke is the father Of Liberalism – Explain
  2. Discuss Ambedkar Idea On Annihilation of caste .
  3. Critical Examine Machiavllie Views on Religion And politics.

Section B

Question 5

  1. Revolt In 1857 is a Sepoy Mutiny or First War Of Independence .
  2. Indian constitution is Lawyer Paradise – Ivory Jennings
  3. New Panchayat Raj is An Effective Instrument For Women Empowerment
  4. Implementation of GST And NEET Is a Major challenge To Indian Federalism .
  5. Political Personalities are More Significant Than Political parties In India

Question 6

  1. Whether Judicial Activism has undermined or Strengthen Parliament Democracy In India . Discuss
  2. Do The Lt Governor have Power than governor Of state Explain .
  3. Critical Examine Ethnic Conflict In North East India .

Question 7

  1. Examine Of Provisions of Panchayat Extension Service Act 1996
  2. Analyse The Argument In Favour And Against The lateral Entry In higher civil Services In India .
  3. Discuss Asymmetrical Federalism In India.

Question 8

  1. Explain The various Causes of Agrarian Crisis in India .
  2. Explain The Increasing Role Of Regional Political Parties In The National Politics
  3. Critical Analyse the Environmentalist Movement In Tuticorin Tamilnadu .

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