UPSC Interview Questions Based on Economy pdf Download Full List – Hello friends Welcome to .Here We are Sharing list of Important Questions based on Indian Economy in pdf form.

UPSC Interview Questions Based on Economy pdf Download Full List

UPSC Interview Questions Based on Economy pdf Download Full List

UPSC Interview Questions Based on Economy pdf Download Full List

  1. What are the main features of Indian economy?
  2. What do you mean by an emerging economy? Differentiate in the nature of BRICS economies despite
    being in the same category?
  3. Why India is being taken as the next engine of global growth?
  4. Name five most pressing problems about the Indian economy?
  5. India is in a phase of demographic dividend. What needs to be done to achieve maximum benefits from
    this phase?
  6. What are the main constraints of capital formation in India? How to improve?
  7. What ails Indian agriculture? Mention some of the measures taken by government to improve agriculture
    productivity in India.
  8. What do you mean by agricultural distress? Suggest measures to overcome that.
  9. What is second green revolution? Why India needs to embrace it?
  10. What are the main problems of agricultural credit in India? Why specific rural and agricultural credit
    institutions have not performed well?
  11. What is institutional change in agriculture? Why it has been sluggish in India?
  12. What is the contribution of agriculture sector in exports? How the export potential of agriculture can
    be improved?
  13. What are the problems of agricultural marketing in India? Suggest measures for market reform in Indian
  14. What are the major constraints of Industrial development in India? Suggest the policy measures for next
    stage of Industrial development in India.
  15. In terms of diversification of Industrial sector what are the major lacunae in Indian context?
  16. Why the contribution of Industrial sector has been low in employment generation in India?
  17. Why is a tendency of concentration of FDI in certain sectors and certain regions in India? Suggest
    measures to make it more even.
  18. What is the contribution of service sector in the Indian economy?
  19. India is a service economy, but its services are inadequate and poor. Do you agree? What needs to be
    done for providing quality services?
  20. Why social services in India are in shambles – Lack of funding or governance?
  21. . How is the current economic survey different from the previous ones? What are the major issues raised
    in the economic survey?
  22. What are the sweet spots of the Indian economy? What are the major challenges that can mar the
    prospects of the Indian economy?
  23. What is Universal basic Income policy? Make a case for this in India. What are the constraints?
  24. Demonetisation to deify or demonise?
  25. What do you mean by twin balance sheet problem? How is it affecting the prospects of the Indian
    economy? What needs to be done?
  26. Why is a Public Sector Asset Rehabilitation Agency (PARA) needed?
  27. What do you mean by NPA? Enumerate the measures taken by the government.
  28. What do you mean by fiscal consolidation? What steps have been taken by government of India for this?
    Which are the major obstacles in achieving the fiscal roadmap?
  29. Economic Survey has talked about convergence puzzles in India with regard to Income, fertility and
    health. Throw some light.
  30. What are the advantages and disadvantages of GST?
  31. What does economic survey mean when it makes a point “from competitive federalism to competitive
  32. Welfare spending in India suffers from misallocation? Do you agree? What needs to be done?
  33. Do you agree that Credit Rating Agencies in the past have shown certain biases against India? Why?
  34. India needs to think over its extensive efforts at redistribution. Why? What are the problems and what
    needs to be done?
  35. What are the challenges facing the external sector of India?
  36. What is “gender-based sanitation insecurity?”
  37. Outcome budget, gender budgeting and zero base budgeting- Need and advantages
  38. Broad Evaluation of budget, especially provisions for farmers, agriculture and rural development,
    Infrastructure, weaker sections, women
  39. Will it be right to describe the budget 2017-18 a “dole budget?
  40. Why the India middle class is not excited about the budget 2017-18?
  41. New Initiatives in the budget.

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