What are the dirty secrets of UPSC Exam? IPS 2018 Rank 184 Advice For You – Here We are sharing What are The Best tricks ,Methods ,Strategies Or Dirty Secrets Whatever you want to Say . These Thoughts are Of a IPS Officer Of 2017 Batch .

What are the dirty secrets of UPSC Exam? IPS 2018 Rank 184 Advice For You

What are the dirty secrets of UPSC Exam? IPS 2018 Rank 184 Advice For You

What are the dirty secrets of UPSC Exam? IPS 2018 Rank 184 Advice For You

I always wanted to answer this question the moment I saw it on Quora.

Here’s the list:

  • For many candidates, hardwork they put in is not commensurate with the marks they get.
  • Clearing the Prelims exam for those near cut off (where most of the candidates are) is like playing roulette. Your answers for the ambiguous questions (almost 5 every year) need to match the UPSC answer key, conspicuous by its absence.
  • You study years and years for Mains examination..still the most important thing on the examination day is completing those 20 questions in a reasonably well manner in 3 hours, which majority (including me) fail to do (still stuck on 19/20! ).
  • Presentation of the answer has sometimes more impact than its content.
  • Some optional subjects are indeed more rewarding than others. Inter optional parity is like England winning the cricket world cup (it doesn’t happen).
  • A few people get to the top services just on basis of their marks in Optional subjects.
  • There is a lot of trash all around you in the disguise of ‘advice from experts’ which you need to filter.
  • What will work for you in one attempt may not (actually will definitely not!) work in another attempt.
  • serious first attempter has the same probability of clearing this exam as a serious sixth attempter (Yes, there are serious sixth attempters!)
  • Knowing that there are infinite resources for Mains, if your centre is somewhere in Delhi, you will still find more than 90% people with Vision Mains 365 in their hands.
  • The more number of tests you write does not necessarily mean you are getting better (only valid for MAINS).
  • Some people who have good writing skills and write at a faster pace are at an inherent advantage.
  • Barring a few masterminds, nobody really has an idea that they are going to do exceptionally well in this exam.
  • This exam not only tests your mental strength but also emotional strength (relationships, friendships, socialisation needs) and physical strength (yes physical – ask those who have just come out writing GS 4 paper!)
  • UPSC exam is a great leveller. You failed in JEE ? You failed in AIPMT ? You felt you were good for nothing till now ? Welcome to the exam where really anybody can top, if they are serious enough in their studies, ofcourse!
  • People say Prelims and Mains need an integrated preparation. Honestly, both need to be studied very differently. Sources are different too.
  • For people not clearing this exam, getting a rank is important. For people getting a rank, getting in the topmost services becomes a concern. For people getting those, getting a good cadre becomes important. For people getting a good cadre, finding a suitable match becomes important! You see, where I am going ? Yes, nowhere. There’s no end to this!
  • It’s not luck which plays the major role but the nature of exam which makes it a difficult exam to crack.

All said and done, it is really the ‘mother of all examinations’ in India and helps achieve many their childhood dreams and career aspirations on a reasonable merit based criterion as far as possible.

It becomes more than an exam in the end, a journey of exploration and learning for lakhs of aspirants in India!

What are the dirty secrets of UPSC Exam? IPS 2018 Rank 184 Advice For You

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