What are the small habits which can ensure my selection in UPSC?

Some of the Do’s

  1. Be sincere, no one better to judge this than yourself.
  2. Indulge yourself in a competitive environment. There is not better motivation than seeing you top the score list among your friends.
  3. Revise, re-revise and continuously revise.
  4. Consistency is sword that everyone has, keep yours sharper than the rest. This literally can give you the edge.
  5. Keep the right mindset. For this food and nutrition is important. A weekly dose of brewed beverage is a great place to start. Do keep in your limits though.
  6. Enjoy the company of your loved one. Many aspirants alienate themselves, it’s not worth it. If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend then you should keep them close.
  7. Take a weekly break. We are not machines. A break re-energises you.

Some of the Dont’s

  1. Limit study groups to two or three. More than this is simply a party.
  2. Avoid discussions and speculations over tea and coffee. Very often they demotivate you.
  3. Avoid self-proclaimed “UPSC guru’s”, the first timers usually fall into their trap and wreck an attempt.
  4. Don’t follow a strategy only because a successful candidate has, it may not work, choose wisely or make your own.
  5. Don’t buy materials aimlessly. Keep your sources less and revision more.
  6. Don’t get very emotional or attached to your optional, if it’s not working for you then change it.

The possibility of success rests in your hands. Like each of your fingers is different, each of us is also different. Understand your own strength and weakness and work in those areas. Sooner than later success will find you dear friends.

What are the small habits which can ensure my selection in UPSC?