What is Section 144 of the CrPC ? | Section 144 Vs Curfew Differences

What is Section 144 of the CrPC ? | CAA NRC Protest CRPC Section 144 – Several state governments have invoked section 144 in cities in the wake of protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the NRC. The police has imposed section 144 to maintain peace order. Law and Order Situation Worse In Many Part Of The Country . Protests are taking place across the country against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the NRC. In many places, these demonstrations turned into violence. Several state governments have implemented section 144 in several cities. The police has imposed section 144 to maintain peace order.

In fact, section 144 is imposed in any city due to the possibility of worsening law and order or any incident. Let us know what section-144 is and what punishment can be for not complying with it. We have Many Times That Section 144 Of CRPC In Imposed in City . In this Article We Will Get To Know About All Details Of CRPC Section 144 .

What is Section 144 of the CrPC ? | Section 144 Vs Curfew Differences

What Is Section 144 ?

  • Section 144 under crpc is imposed to establish a peace order.
  • District Magistrate (District Magistrate) issues a notification to implement this section.
  • And wherever this section is installed, four or more people cannot be assembled.
  • After this section is implemented, the carrying of weapons is also prohibited at that place.

What Punishment Under Section 144 Available For Criminals In India ?

  • The police may arrest a person who violates section 144 or does not comply with this section.
  • The person can be arrested under section 107 or section 151.
  • The accused of violating or not complying with this section may also be sentenced to one year imprisonment. Well, it is a bailable offence, it gets bailed out.

Duration of Section 144 order

  • No order under Section 144 shall remain in force for more than two months but the state government can extent the validity for two months and maximum up to six months.
  • It can be withdrawn at any point of time if situation becomes normal.

Does Section 144 means Curfew?

  • No, they are not same. Section 144 of CrPC generally prohibits public gathering. And on the other hand, curfew, orders people to stay indoors for a specific time.

What is the difference between Curfew and Section 144 of CrPC?

Curfew  Section 144 Of CRPC
  • Curfew orders, on the other hand, are subject to worse deterioration in any location or city.
  • People have to stay in the house for a specific time or period.
  • It is believed that it can be very helpful in handling any kind of violent situation.
  • At the same time, let us tell you that the orders of curfew can be for a specific group or for the general public.
  • Due to riot, loot, violent protests, stone pelting etc. in any area or city, Section 144 of CrPC is imposed.
  • This is a notification issued by the District Magistrate.
  • It prohibits the assembly of five or more people in an area.
  • There is also restriction on carrying any sort of weapon in that area.
  • People can also be arrested for violating it.


What Are The Main Restrictions During Curfew ?

  • No person can do hunger-strike, without the permission of any competent authority.
  • It is not imposed on Examinee marriage ceremonies, cremation and religious festivals.
  • No person can walk with any sort of tool, or any type of fatal weapon, firearms etc.
  • Even to carry licensed weapons are not allowed at the office.
  • It also prevents playing or selling firecrackers.
  • Even speech or advertisement that hurts the feelings of any community-culture is also prohibited.
  • There is a restriction on the use of loudspeakers, DJs without prior permission.
  • Five or more people cannot be assembled at a distance of two hundred yards from the examination centre.
  • Even in marriages to carry any type of arms and ammunition are banned.

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