Yojana Magazine Pdf 2020 Download Hindi & English

Yojana Magazine Pdf Download Hindi & English 2020-2013 – Hello Friends Welcome to studydhaba.com .Here in this post We Are Sharing Yojana Magazine which is a Monthly Publication from government of India .

Most important Magazine For UPSC Mains Examination .This Magazine is very important for UPSC Mains Exams And Other State level Exams. You can prepare any issue with the help of this magazine and Can write a good Answer and Essay in Any competitive Exams

Yojana Magazine Pdf Download Hindi & English ,2018,2017,2016,2015

Yojana Magazine Pdf Download Hindi & English 20215-2020

About Yojana Magazine 

  • Yojana is a monthly devoted to socio-economic issues and started its publication in 1957 with Mr. Khuswant Singh as its Chief Editor.
  • The magazine is now published in 13 languages viz. English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Oriya.
  • Many specialized newspapers and magazines on economic issues are catering to the needs of readers in urban and big cities especially in SEC A’ and ‘B’.
  • The reach of economic newspapers and magazines to smaller towns is limited. Yojana tries to reach people of segments in SEC ‘C’ and ‘D’ in semi-urban areas in different regions and in their languages.
  • Although Yojana is sponsored by government and is an official venture, it is in no way is restricted to expressing the government views alone; it attempts to give praise where praise is due and criticize with constructive purpose.
  • Yojana gives different shades of opinion and views on any issue and thereby presents a balanced picture.
  • Yojana Magazine play an Important role in IAS mains Examination . Most of the Questions You can Answer After Reading yojana Magazine. We have written A Separate post About How to Read yojana Magazine in 24 Hours . you can Read that post .

Yojana & Kurukshetra Magazine Regional Languages archive 2016.,2017,2018,2019

Yojana English 
Yojana Hindi
Yojana Punjabi
Yojana Telugu
Yojana Kannada
Yojana Tamil 
Yojana Urdu
Yojana Bengali
Yojana Gujarati
Yojana Malyalam
Yojana Marathi
Kurukshetra English 
Kurukshetra Hindi


Yojana Magazine 2020 Download Hindi & English 

Month Download Link 
January Yojana 2020Click Here English | Hindi
February Yojana 2020Click Here English | Hindi
March Yojana 2020Click Here English | Hindi
April Yojana 2020Click Here English | Hindi
May Yojana 2020Click Here English | Hindi
June Yojana 2020Click Here  English | Hindi
July Yojana 2020Click Here  English | Hindi
August Yojana 2020Click Here English | Hindi
September Yojana 2020Click Here English | Hindi
October Yojana 2020Click Here English | Hindi
November Yojana 2020Click Here English | Hindi
December Yojana 2020Click Here English | Hindi

Yojana Magazine 2019 Pdf Download Hindi & English 

Month Download Link 
January Yojana 2019Click Here English | Hindi  
February Yojana 2019Click Here English | Hindi  
March Yojana 2019Click Here English | Hindi  
April Yojana 2019Click Here English | Hindi  
May Yojana 2019Click Here English | Hindi  
June Yojana 2019Click Here  English | Hindi  
July Yojana 2019Click Here  English | Hindi  
August Yojana 2019Click Here English | Hindi  
September Yojana 2019Click Here English | Hindi  
October Yojana 2019Click Here English | Hindi  
November Yojana 2019Click Here English | Hindi  
December Yojana 2019Click Here English | Hindi  

Yojana Magazine 2018 Pdf Download Hindi & English 

Month Download Link 
January Yojana 2018Click Here 
February Yojana 2018Click Here 
March Yojana 2018Click Here 
April Yojana 2018Click Here 
May Yojana 2018Click Here 
June Yojana 2018Click Here 
July Yojana 2018Click Here
August Yojana 2018Click Here 
September Yojana 2018Click Here 
October Yojana 2018Click Here 
November Yojana 2018Click Here 
December Yojana 2018Click Here

Yojana Magazine 2017 Pdf Download Hindi & English 

Month Download Link 
January Yojana 2017Click Here 
February Yojana 2017Click Here 
March Yojana 2017Click Here 
April Yojana 2017Click Here 
May Yojana 2017Click Here 
June Yojana 2017Click Here 
July Yojana 2017Click Here 
August Yojana 2017Click Here 
September Yojana 2017Click Here 
October Yojana 2017Click Here
November Yojana 2017Click Here 
December Yojana 2017Click Here

Yojana Magazine 2016 Pdf Download Hindi & English 

Month Download Link 
January Yojana 2016Click Here 
February Yojana 2016Click Here 
March Yojana 2016Click Here 
April Yojana 2016Click Here 
May Yojana 2016Click Here 
June Yojana 2016Click Here 
July Yojana 2016Click Here 
August Yojana 2016Click Here 
September Yojana 2016Click Here 
October Yojana 2016Click Here 
November Yojana 2016Click Here 
December Yojana 2016Click Here 


Download Yojana Magazine 2016 Pdf In Hindi and English

  1. Yojana Magazine January 2016 – Education
  2.  Yojana Magazine March 2016 – Union Budget 2016-17
  3.  yojana magazine april 2016 – North East
  4.  Yojana Magazine May 2016 – Differently Abled
  5.  Yojana Magazine June 2016 – Indian Strides
  6.  July 2016 Yojana Magazine
  7.  August 2016 Yojana Magazine
  8. Yojana Magazine September 2016 Download English
  9.  Yojana Magazine September 2016 Hindi Version
  10. October 2016 Yojana Magazine  Download
  11. November 2016 yojana Magazine Download English
  12. December 2016 yojana Magazine  Hindi Download
  13. yojana Magazine December 2016 Download English Edition

Download Yojana Magazine 2017 pdf Hindi and English

  1. Yojana magazine january 2017 Hindi pdf
  2. February yojana Magazine 2017
  3. March Yojana Magazine
  4.  April yojana 2017 pdf Download
  5. May yojana   2017 pdf Download
  6. yojana Magazine June 2017
  7. yojana July 2017 pdf Download
  8. August 2017 Yojana  pdf Download
  9. Yojana magazine 2017 September
  10. Yojana Magazine November 2017 pdf

Yojana Magazine 2018 Pdf Download All Languages Hindi & English

  1. yojana Magazine January 2018 download
  2. yojana Magazine February 2018
  3. yojana Magazine March 2018
  4. yojana Magazine April 2018
  5. yojana Magazine May 2018
  6. yojana Magazine June 2018
  7. yojana Magazine July 2018
  8. yojana Magazine August 2018
  9. yojana Magazine September 2018 English – For Hindi
  10. yojana Magazine October 2018
  11. yojana Magazine November 2018
  12. yojana Magazine December 2018

Why should you read Yojana Magazine ?

  • Yojana Magazine presents government point of view on issues and also provide data and analysis for the same.
  • Reading Yojana Magazine will help you in Essay writing as these magazines analyzes each topic through multiple perspectives by various people of diverse background.
  • Yojana is a monthly magazine and covers a good portion of the mains syllabus especially for General Studies.
  • You can also find out information about recently launched government schemes, government initiatives, policy initiatives etc.

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