Youngest Ias officer In India – Who were the youngest IAS officers? -Hello Friends Welcome to . Here We are sharing latest List of IAS officers in India . We are covering Youngest IAS Officers From 2000 to 2018 .

UPSC Conduct Every year IAS Exam  For Recruitment of New IAS officer . UPSC Exam is toughest Exam in India . This Exam is known as mother of all exam .

This list is the compilation of all Candidates who secured IAS rank At a young Age .

Youngest Ias officer In India

1.Ansar Ahmad Shaikh Youngest officer In India

  • 21 years Age
  • 2016 Batch
  • Maharashtra

About Ansar Shaikh

  • Ansar Ahmad Shaikh is The Youngest IAS officer Ever till Date because He is 21 year old when he passed 2016 UPSC Exams and Became a UPSC Topper.
  • He Ranked 361.
  • Ansar belongs to Maharashtra State’s Marathwada Place and has a lower economic background.
  • He said to media that his fater is autoriksha driver and drinks so much.
  • His brother helped him to reach at this level. Ansar is Yongest IAS in india.
  • He Has Done BA

Youngest Ias officer In India

2.Roman Saini Youngest Ias officer In India

  • 22 Age
  • 2013 Batch
  • Rajasthan

About Roman Saini

  • Roman Saini is amongst the Youngest IAS Officer of India
  • He was 22 year old when he became a IAS Topper in UPSC Exams
  • He has resigned from IAS in month of january, year 2016.
  • By profession He is A Doctor .
  • His home State Is Rajasthan .
  • He is the Co Founder of Unacademy.

Youngest Ias officer In India

3.Swati Meena Naik Youngest Ias officer In India

  • 22 Years
  • 2007 Batch
  • Rajasthan

About Swati Meena 

  • Swati got 260th Rank in UPSC Examination
  • She get elected in Madhya Pradesh (M.P.
  • Swati belongs to Sikar District From Rajasthan.
  • she cleared IAS Examination in First Attempt.
  • She Cleared IAS In 2007.
  • She cleared IAS Exam At the Age of 22 years .

Youngest Ias officer In India

4.Amrutesh Aurangabadkar Youngest Ias officer In India

  • 22 years
  • 2011 batch
  • Maharashtra

About Amrutesh Aurangabadkar

  • Amrutesh Aurangabadkar Is too an Youngest IAS Officer of India
  • He was 22 year old when he became a UPSC Topper in 2011 year .
  • He got 10th rank in IAS Examination.
  • Amrutesh Aurangabadkar was the youngest IAS officer in Maharashtra at that time.
  • Amrutesh Aurangabadkar belongs to Pune
  • He cleared the IAS Examination in First Attempt.

Youngest Ias officer In India

5.Ankur Garg Youngest Ias officer In India

  • 22 years
  • 2003 batch
  • Punjab

About Ankur Garg

  • Ankur Garg (22 Year) another Youngest IAS officer at the time of passing IAS examination in 2003 year.
  • Ankur got the 1st Rank in The UPSC examination and became the finest IAS officer.
  • Ankur belongs to A Doctor family.
  • His father, mother and sister all are Doctor and currently working as A doctor.
  • Ankur has done B.Tech. as a Graduation from Electronics branch.
  • He Is A IITians
  • He Was 22 years Old When he Cleared Exam.
  • Passing Year 2003.

Youngest Ias officer In India

 6.Gaurav Goyal Youngest Ias officer In India

  • 22 years Age
  • 2006 Batch
  • Rajasthan

About Gaurav Goyal 

  • Gaurav Goyal is also an Youngest IAS officer from Rajasthan .
  • He was 22 Year old at time of passing IAS examination in Year 2006.

Youngest Ias officer In India

7.Tina Dabi Ias officer In India

  • 22 Years Age
  • 2015 Batch
  • Delhi

About Tina Dabi

  • Tina Dabi got the first rank in 2015 exam of civil services and prove .
  • She is one of the best in IAS Toppers as Tina is 22 year old.
  • Tina has cleared the IAS examination in first attempt.
  • Tina’s father is also currently working as an IES officer.
  • Home State of Tina Dabi is MP
  • She Is Married to IAS officer Athar Aamir Khan .

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